Dick's Drive-In

A fan-favorite, this restaurant chain is a Seattle icon. They asked us help them decide on their new location while getting fans engaged & excited in the process. We decided to run an online poll in March of 2017 that would allow fans to decide which region around Seattle the new location would go. 170,000 votes later, the south region had beaten out the east.  Fast-forward 6 months & the property for the new location was finally purchased.  We prepared this announcement video to build anticipation & streamed it live via their Facebook channel.  The stream reached over 550,000 people, garnered over 220,000 views & roped in 122 DAYS in total watch time.


ReachNow is a ride sharing service currently operating in Seattle, Portland, & Brooklyn.  They provide on-demand access via their app to over 700 BMWs & Mini Coopers in Seattle alone.  We've created a variety of ads for them ranging from promotions & local lifestyle tips to documentary shorts featuring the work they do to support nonprofits around the Seattle Metro area.  Our first round of ads prepared for them in February 2018 are their highest performing commercials to date.

No Child Sleeps Outside

Mary's Place is a non-profit whose mission is to fight homelessness by providing, food, shelter & resources to homeless women, children & families. Last year, they contracted us to build an online fundraising platform enabling people to raise money for new homeless shelters in Seattle with the click of a button. The website gained the attention of a laundry list of huge local brands such as Microsoft, Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Starbucks, Comcast, & Bank of America, just to name a few.  The donations from these businesses & the general public raised $2 million for a new shelter & services for homeless families. 

Rare Earth Adventures

Rare Earth Adventures provides customers with guides, equipment, gear & training to get people out of their comfort zone in breathtaking natural environments.  When discussing a marketing strategy with them, we decided there was no better way to showcase the incredible services they provide than to film & experience them ourselves.  We joined their guides last summer as they taught us to rock climb, surf & summit mountains.  You heard that right, we climbed a 12,280' mountain (Mt. Adams) with all our camera gear to tell their story, the right way.  In just 2 months, our ad set generated 106,000 views & reached 145,000 people.

JikoPower Kickstarter

600 million people in developing countries have cell phones, but no means to charge them. In an effort to combat this disparity, a team of UW students set out to create a device that would generate power by leveraging something people in these countries use every day: heat. Once a prototype was completed, they needed a way to fund the first mass production run of their product. We developed this video for their Kickstarter page & paired it with shorter video ads, articles & photos run on Facebook. $52,511 was pledged last fall & the Jiko team just completed shipping their first production run at the end of September this year!

Dick's Drive-In Apparel

Although the Dick's is well known around Seattle for its food & fast service, not many people know about their online apparel store. We set out to change that with a series of short videos directed at Drive-In fans.  During the first month we ran these ads, revenue in the apparel store jumped by 600%.